In pursuit of brevity

Adventures in comprehension, which take all too long to compose. And why I shouldn’t have a Substack.

The Excited State: Editorial

Editorial marking the end of my time with The Excited State, our departmental magazine run, by the Chemical Science and Technology Association.

What do research papers say about us?

2019 marked the celebration of 150 glorious years of the periodic table. What it also marked was the 150th anniversary of popular scientific journal Nature. Getting introduced to literature in...

Why you, as a scientifically sound human being, need to care about spectroscopy

Almost every day, new technology disrupts the world and changes the way we interact with it. The word technology invites a lot of attention, and mental mapping makes most of...

Four months to master

A real and raw list of Bachelor’s Thesis Project (BTP) commitments that no one tells you about.

A 101 to the God particle

Articles written by sophomores seldom make history, and for good reason. – Urban Legend